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Sunday, December 31, 2006


For my last post this year I decided to write something about my "relatives", dogs.

People all over the world like to celebrate New Year's Eve by blowing up thousands of firecrackers and rockets and god knows what else - all this with the sole purpose of "having fun". However, the "fun" is not so funny when it comes to animals. I doubt anyone even bothers to think about their feelings and all the fears and pain they go through on this dreadful day of our joy an happiness.

Animals have much more sophisticated hearing system than human beings. What we hear as loud, they hear as ten times louder. Has anyone ever thought that this might hurt them?! Or even damage their hearing?!

So, don't be selfish tonight. Think of your poor little pooch or scared kitten or frightened parrot or whatever you have at home. Even if you don't have a pet - maybe your neighbour has one. Some of you might say: "I live in the middle of nowhere, woods are all around me. Noone will hear the banging." Do try to remember that woods are the home of the wild animals! They are scared to death by all the booming sounds echoing through the forrests!

Think of this before you light up your first firecracker. Or, even better - before you buy one! I'm sure noone wants to enter the New Year as a torturer!

Thank you for being so considerate - at least on the last day of the year!

Saturday, December 30, 2006


To all the readers of my blog:

I wish you a very happy and successful new year! May all your New Year's resolutions come true! I hope you all have a great celebration tomorrow and that you enter into the year 2007 surrounded by people you love!

I would also like to thank you for reading my blog and leaving so many nice comments on it! You have made my blog alive by contributing your kind thoughts or simply by visiting it for a few moments! I do hope you will help to keep this blog going in the future, too! THANK YOU!

Best wishes



Yes, we are going to have EURO in Slovenia, too! I'm proud to say that I live in the only new member state of the European Union where Euro is going to be adopted in about 25 hours! Of course, the citizens of Slovenia were given the option to buy a beginner kit a few days ago, so I already have coins for €2 and €1 and all the cents (50, 20, 10, 5, 2 and 1).

As it was reported on TV, Slovenia has the most beautiful coins of all the European Union (and this was said by experts from Finnland, who had made the coins for us!!)! And I must admit, they're right! The Euro coins I have collected from other countries so far are beautiful, too, but none of them have the name of the country nor the name of their national symbols on them. For those of you who don't know: € coins have a national side (the so-called "heads") - specific for every country; and the other side is the same for all the members of EU ("tails", as some of you know it).

Well, in due time I'll provide the photos of all the coins and you'll be able to see how our brand new little gems look like. But for now - just a sneak peak for you: above, you can see the "heads" side of our €2 (left - with the silver rim) and €1 (right - with the golden rim)! Beautiful, aren't they? Do wish us a soft landing in the €uro zone for the start! We can all hardly wait for it!

Just a little explanation of the "heads" symbols:
€2 has our greatest national poet on it (he's the author of our national anthem);
€1 has our first literary man who actually wrote the first book in Slovene language in the year 1552.

The explanations of the symbols on the other coins will follow together with their photos! Stay tuned!