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Saturday, February 14, 2015

"Chocolate Biscuit + Cup of Tea = Sweet Sleepy me." (Edward Furlong)

I watched the movie "A Home of Our Own" (1993) starring Kathy Bates and Edward Furlong today. Such a powerful movie! It made me appreciate everything I have even more...

Eddie Furlong, you rock!

(The title is Edward Furlong's Tweet from 10th March 2009.)

Window Sill Visitor :-)

We have a couple of robins living in our garden. So far, they've always been too shy to come anywhere near the windows. Last year, one came to a tree under our window. This year, however, we've had some pretty crazy weather with the temperatures dropping down to -10 degrees Celsius. So, the robin couple decided to become regular visitors on our "window sill restaurant". And let me tell you, they are two happy customers :-) (If you're wondering what I'm feeding them, it's oatmeal mixed with some melted butter. The birds just LOVE it and you get no pesky grain shells on the ground under the window, like from the sunflower seeds ;-))
(The strange "filter" on the photo is actually my curtain - I could only take a picture through the curtain, since the birds are very shy.)