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Saturday, June 09, 2007

Bloggers unite!

Today, there is an international convention of bloggers in Slovenia. I heard it on the radio in the morning. Sadly, I can't go, because I don't have a lift (no bus, no train, and I can't go by car). I will read and watch everything I can. For those that are interested, there is a live transmission on the web - click here to watch (it's already happening - right now they're having a lunch break, but the thing will continue at half past two!!)

The day has come!

We're getting a new road!! For the past year or so, the road past our house has been in ruins. They've been laying all kinds of cables and pipes and who knows what else in the groud for the past year, so the road has been completely demolished, all the asphalt stripped down and sand (gravel, I think it's called) has been put on top. Nothing unusual, you might say. Sure, nothing unusual, if it didn't take them over a year to do everything they needed!

Why did they need over a year to do all the works, one might wonder. Well, because of sheer lack of common sense. There were four or five companies doing the works. After one company came, dug the wholes or trenches or ditches or whatever they needed to dig, and did their work, they left, neatly covering the road back with gravel. Then, the second company came, again uncovered all the gravel, did their work and left, covering the road back. And so on. Every company did their own digging, despite the fact that they could dig one big ditch, lay their cables or pipes in there, cover the road back up and put asphalt on top! Talking about common sense, saving the money and keeping the environment clean!!

But, the day has come!!! They're putting new asphalt on as I write this!! Finally - no more dust, no more heavy machinery and no more destroying of our cars on the potholes in the road!!!

Lookout torn down

I decided to write an update on my animals - my birds, to be more precise. There has been a violent invasion on their territory a couple of days ago. Let me explain.
There used to be a small and very old house accross the street from where I live. An old lady used to live there. However, the house had been uninhabited for quite a while now, since the lady had moved in with her children. So, the man that inherited the house decided that the house must be deleted from the face of the earth. A couple of days ago he brought in bulldozers and trucks and the house was gone in a matter of a couple of hours.
There was more to this house than just living in it. This house used to be a lookout for my birds. The magpies, the crows and all my doves used to come and sit on the roof every morning, greeting me loudly. The pigeon-couple used it as their bathroom, because they would sit there, arranging and rearranging their feathers dilligently. Now that the house is gone, I have a great view, but I can't observe the bird-rituals any more... The birds are not too appy about it either. While the house was being demolished, they were flying around, crying (you could actually hear the sad tone in their voices). Well, the good thing about this is that now all of these birds come and sit in our tree in the back yard - even closer for me to observe them. So, I guess I can conclude that something good has come out of this, too!