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Sunday, November 18, 2007

Sweet breakfast to go with the snow

Here's my mum's masterpiece: a wallnut-peach-apple spongecake. Come and share it with us! Nothing beats a piece of the cake and a cup of hot tea in front of the window with a snow-covered landscape outside...

The first snow

Yesterday afternoon the magic show began. It started to snow. First just a few snowflakes, then more and more. It snowed all night and this morning, when I woke up, I saw a beautiful sight - the snow-covered landscape! I immediately took some photos, so that I could share the snow-beauty with the world. The snowing still hasn't stopped, so I expect an even thicker white blanket by the evening...

Sunday, November 11, 2007

The young lads and lasses

Not long ago I published a post called "Breakfast at Tiffany's", which showed 2 of my doves during their meal. Well, Poppy and Tschoopy are, in fact, proud parents of two youngsters (which I haven't named yet). The other day they brought their offsprings around for lunch. I managed to get my camera out in time and record this. I hope you like it! Oh, and if you have any ideas on how to call the dove-children, please let me know. I'm waiting for suggestions! :-)

Monday, November 05, 2007

MacGyver introduces himself to the world

" Hi. My name is MacGyver. I'm a hedgehog. I live in the garden behind a huge house that is inhabited by a lot of human beings. Well, the humans don't really bother me, so I just let them live here on my property. Of course, I don't let them stay here for free - they have to pay me rent: apples, pears, milk, wallnuts, hazelnuts and other goodies must be at my disposal all the time. Oh, and I indulge in making the humans picking out my ticks, too. There is one human in partucular that I really like - I think she owns this blog. So, as she is my favourite (because she is the only one who has the decency to invite me in for a cup of milk), I also let her take this portrait of me - but only from the top and at night (otherwise other hedgehogs might want in on it and force the human being to take pictures of them, too, and I don't want that to happen). So, here's my photo. Please, do write some comments if you like portrait!" :-)
Yours truly,
MacGyver the Hedgehog

Sunday, November 04, 2007

Big Pappa

A couple of days ago, as I was just getting up, I noticed something fly by my window. I dragged myself to the window and looked outside. I was pleasantly shocked to discover Big Pappa (the father of my magpie family) casually strolling up and down. All of a sudden, he decided to fly up - and landed on the small roof we have above our entrance door. Since this roof is on the same level as my window, I was able to get this magic moment on tape! This is the closest Big Pappa has ever come to me!

(Although the little window is black when you look at it, click on it and then press the "Play" button - the video will start playing.)

Indian Summer

This photo was taken 2 days ago (no, the time stamp on it is not fake - in case you thought so). Geraniums on our window sills are still in full blossom! I think we're the only ones in our neighbourhood that still have plants on the windows! It seems a pitty to take them away, when they can bring such a beauty and joy into every day life.